STI DESIGNS, INC; Sophisticated Timeless Interior Designs, is a 27 year old interior design firm.  Having worked with all kinds of clients around the US; builders for new construction design; the real estate community doing the"design to sell", (getting listings ready to market); home and business owners who were changing  the look of, or updated their homes or offices; large architectural projects for tile and stone; we have vast experience with all types of interior design needs. Located in North Georgia for the past  6 years, doing both residential and commercial   design, we are here to give you the personalized design you desire. 

Our design style is all about making your home or office look as pretty as a magazine cover without the huge expense of totally starting all over with everything new, as most designers tend to do.  We try to reuse or refurbish things you already own in new and different ways in order to save you money.  We have been called "the frugal designer" for many years because of this very concept. We listen to what you, our client, wants and needs from their  personal design project.

We are experienced in ALL styles of design.  SO --- if you are from the northeast, southwest, midwest, etc., we will be able to create a design just for you.

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Valerie Donta-Young   Owner